Saturday, 3 July 2010

First Handwash of First Soap!! Will my skin fall off?

I have to be the first to try out the first lot of cold pressed soap I have made.
It is a plain lavender soap with a trex base.

It makes a lovely lather and hands feel good, but no nice lavender smell at all.


  1. I fancy a go at soap-making. Do you mean trex as in Trex fat?

  2. Yes! And I made some with Lard! You have to be so careful and be a mad scientist mixing the hard oil with Lye (caustic soda)to saponify it. I also added lots of lovely stuff like coconut oil and lavenderoil. I recommend getting a book before you start tho.

  3. Woah cool! I still need to brave the world of CP soap...maybe when my daughter is a bit older and not into everything because of the stuff like Lye being in the house. Looks like you made a lovely soap though... :)


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