Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Kitten

We have just been to look at our new kitten called Piper.
Poor little scrap of a thing.
We are doing lots of nice little things since the shock of my husband and the girls father walking out on us.


  1. Millie she's so cute and looks as tho she likes being cuddled :) Sorry to hear your bad news, I hope things start looking up for you and I'll be sending good thoughts your way x

  2. She is lovely, I also run a boarding cattery.
    www.westwoodcattery.co.uk we had a near dead kitten brought to us a week ago [about 4 weeks old] After a visit to the vets she is now doing well, has spirit. We think part wild cat she is in charge and spits at the dogs. My British shorthair is in love. things can only get better.


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