Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Just got to do the fingers

Just updating my Ravelry. I have got to finish these gloves, They were just a try out for the pattern which came from a website called Free Vintage Patterns.
I have used rubbishy Lidl wool which shrinks but I don't suppose I'll wear them much, They are a good pattern and I'm going to start knitting them again in nicer wool.

Ladies Vintage lace gloves 018

Ladies Vintage lace gloves 017


  1. those are just LOVELY. So pretty. It must have taken forever. It looks so confortable to wear. It reminds me of my favorite sweater. I miss my favorite sweater, I had it when I was little and wore it till it fell apart.

  2. My mum really liked them so I gave them to her, I'm keen to knit another pair, as they say so much knitting so little time!!


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