Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Soap Making

Have been doing a little soap making yesterday and today. The first lot, Lavender Soap, using Trex vegetable fat, caustic soda, coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil and lavender oil seems to be doing ok. Its a bit yellowish as the hemp oil and olive oil were quite strongly coloured, but it smells lovely.I have cut it up into 9 bars now have to wait for it to cure. There was quite a bit left over where I didn't cut it very well and so I have re batched this and left it to set.
The second lot, which I am calling Sunny Soap, I used a camomile infusion and made the soap with caustic soda and lard! I added some olive oil and hemp oil and perfumed it with grapefruit essential oil and orange oil. I am not so keen on the smell of this as the camomile was quite strong, but it is a nice yellow colour. I put it to set in a carboard tube but I don't know if I didn't leave it for long enough, but it stuck to the sides and has produced quite messy shaped soap disks. I has a lot left over so I re did it with water and the stick blender and put it to set in a plastic box lined with greaseproof paper.

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