Friday, 14 January 2011

Its Folksy Friday!

I recently bought 3 gorgeous mini water colour paintings from Wellydog Gallery
They are known as ACEOs. Art cards, Editions and Originals and are only 3.5 x2.5 inches.

This one is Willow Country:

I've chosen my favourite ACEOs for todays Folksy Friday.
Just click on the picture to take you to the details.
Have a great Friday,


  1. I am so glad you are pleased with the ACEOs you bought from me, and I love the choices you have on your folksy friday
    Janice x

    Have you seen my ACEO giveaway, you could add to your collection if you won

  2. Thanks for including one of my ACEOs ! we've got some good artists on Folksy haven't we? lovely work all round

  3. Thanks so much for featuring mine (I'm The Emporium of Curiosities in my other incarnation!), I actually sold it last night so will have to get busy making more! Lovely selection...

  4. Lovely aceos so many talented folk on folksy :-) I do love Audrey's Arts shop its fab. Thank you for including my flower :-)

  5. So Beautiful! We have some seriously talented people on folksy! I wish I could draw or paint, but sad as it is, I can't.

    Natalie x

  6. Lovely choices, there is so much amazing artistic talent on Folksy!

  7. Great ACEO finds, I have done a ACEO folksy find too

  8. Thank you Millie for including my mountain ACEO, gorgeous work just received my first for my own collection from Beata it's gorgeous and I love Wellydogs too!

    Max x

  9. Lovely selection :) Thanks for including one of my aceos :) Think my favourite up there is Audrey's Arts boat, but they're all fab :)

  10. Hi Millie!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway. Your blog is cute :)


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