Sunday, 23 May 2010

To Match or Not To Match?

I have made my first matching set. Amber Blossom Earrings to match necklace.
Saying that, I am not a fan of anything matching really. I quite like separate chairs rather than 3 piece suite and I shudder at matching bedlinen and curtains. However I know I am in the minority so matching jewellery it is!
ps I don't mind it if my socks match!


  1. it's funny, I always find that sets sell better - just not nessesarily each piece at the same time to the same person...and I am usually left with 1 item for ages lol

    (I'm like you with chairs though - love mismatched stuff)


  2. I don't see why everything has to match either! I guess it's part of the whole shabby chic thing to have mismatching things in the home. My history teacher used to wear two different earrings everyday when I was at school. I'm not sure what statement she was trying to make but she was a wacky Greek woman and it kinda worked for her!

  3. I saw some delightful earrings on folksy the other day, one was a watering can and one was a trowel I think, so sort of co ordinating.


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